Rainbow PowerBall Bracelet x Youth Mental Health Project

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Join 100PercentBeads in supporting the Youth Mental Health Project (ymhproject.org)

Jewelry is a self expression of you. It is meant to inspire, tell a story, provide us with courage. It shows the world out confidence and what we may believe, represent, or stand for or against.

The Youth Mental Health Project Collection showcases a single 14K Gold Filled bead on the choice of 8 different Satin Cords. choose a color that represents your mood, brings you peace, or provides you with perspective. Stack multiple bracelets together to create your color rainbow as no two rainbows are the same - as with people.

Like the world we strive for, the bracelet cords are inclusively sized, allowing for them to fit on any wrist and to be knotted together for your own unique fit. My creations blend real life and style in that all the pieces are versatile and moderately priced. They can be worn alone or layered depending on the occasion. I am 100PercentConfident we can make a difference together!

XX pam 

Black: Strength-Elegance-Independence-Self Control

Purple: Imagination-Creativity-Ambition-Free Spirit

Green: Growth-Harmony-Freshness

White: New Beginnings-Clarity-Goodness-Understanding

Blue: Serenity-Stability-Wisdom-Inspiration-Reliability 

Red: Life-Health-Courage-Love-Passion

Orange: Warmth-Happiness-Optimism-Success 

Yellow: Uplifting-Fun-Happiness-Sunshine-Cheerfulness